How long does it take you to find the starfish hidden among these shells – try to beat it in 30 seconds

IF YOU'RE dreaming of sunnier days hanging out by the ocean, then we have the perfect distraction for you.

Why not take your mind off the gloomy weather with this fiendish ocean-themed brainteaser?

Brits are being challenged to spot the single starfish hidden amongst the collection of sea shells, but you'd need to have a sharp eye to spot it as it could be easily missed against the beige-tones.

The tricky brain teaser was devised by Gala Bingo, who revealed the average time was about 34 seconds. So can you do it in that time?

Karina Adrian, Head of Brand Marketing, said: “With more time on our hands, thanks to avoiding a lengthy journey to our holiday destination, these puzzles will help pass the time and keep your brain occupied for a few minutes. 

If you can't manage to find it, we've provided the answer for you down below. But no peeking until you've given it a go.

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