Horrified woman discovers her orange walls are actually white as she scrubs 21 YEARS of cigarette stains off them

A WOMAN is horrified after discovering the orange walls in her house are actually white – and are covered in more than 20 years' worth of cigarette smoke. 

The tenant, called Duranda Rose, shared a clip on TikTok showing the inside of her home, which is brown from the top to the bottom. 

It seems the previous owners weren’t only chainsmokers, but they never cleaned either. 

Even the ceiling, appliances and the lino are covered in a thick layer of tar, which built up over more than two decades. 

While the kitchen floor has rectangles from where their white goods stood, which managed to escape being discoloured over the years. 

The stomach-churning clip shows her painstakingly cleaning the walls, which change colour with a single wipe. 

Duranda captioned the video, which has racked up more than 16 million times: “Never seen anything like this!!!!

“21 years of cig smoke.”

She added the interior design was ‘gross’, ‘nasty’ and ‘shocking’. 

She and pals had been tirelessly scrubbing the entire house, saying they were ‘getting there’ but the ‘cigarette tar’ kept seeping back out. 

People are mortified at the state of the house, with one person saying: "I would just throw the whole house away."

Another wrote: "Imagine their lungs."

While this person thought: "I couldn't imagine how it smelled."

Someone else wrote: "Just burn it down it's not worth saving."

While another asked: "But did they never clean the house or?"

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