Gucci Doubles Down on Livestreaming in China with Lu Han, Austin Li

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: China’s top livesteaming host Austin Li announced Tuesday that Gucci’s brand ambassador Lu Han will join him during a livesteaming session to promote the brand’s limited-edition face powder that’s exclusive to the Asian market.

This event is a part of Tmall’s “All-Star Project” campaign that helps brands to achieve promising sales results online by allocating traffic, media, celebrities, and influencer resources to them.

Gucci and Gucci beauty joined Tmall Luxury Pavillion last year, and the brand has since launched a series of initiatives to boost online sales.

For example, Gucci released a 27-second video campaign starring Lu on March 8 with a link to the brand’s Tmall store to promote the face powder, priced at 620 renminbi, or $95.40, 53 percent more than its U.S. retail price of $62, and double the average 25 percent price premium on Gucci products sold in China.

The announcement caught Lu and Li’s fans by surprise. The two have a combined following of 92.2 million on Weibo. The announcement so far has over 60,000 likes and 25,000 shares.

This will be the second time for Lu in recent months to promote products that he endorses via livestreaming. Two weeks ago, he joined livestreamer Viya to sell Crest toothpaste and had hot pots with her in front of millions of viewers.


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