Furious neighbour posts threatening note over cigarette butt littering row

A FURIOUS homeowner put up a threatening note after their neighbours repeatedly dropped cigarette butts off their balcony.

The person taped their angry letter to a notice board above a sandwich bag filled with the cigarette remains. 

The sign said: “Keep chucking fag butts off your balcony. I’ll dump the next lot outside your door. Get a bin!”

The photo was shared on Reddit in the CasualUK forum, with the caption: “Well bloody said.”

According to the government, cigarette ends make up one third of all litter in the UK, and Amberol found in 2014 that an estimated 122 tonnes of butts, matchsticks and cigarette related litter are dropped every day in the UK.

The angry note seems to have riled up other Brits, many of whom agree with the upset homeowner. 

One said: “I'm a smoker and I despise people who behave like this.”

Another replied: “I'm an ex-smoker and I despise people who behave like this, but with more smugness.”

A third commented: “I've got one of those trashy neighbours that insist on smoking on their front doorstep.

“Fag butts f***ing everywhere.”

Some people suggested getting revenge, with one person saying: “Pick them up and save them. Then wait until it's dark and post them through their letterbox.

“Whatever you do, don't leave a note which would give clues as to who you are. That would just be dumb.”

What do you think?

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