Eugenies 100k engagement ring more unique than traditional Beatrice & Meghan

Princess Eugenie gushes over fiancee in first interview

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Sisters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are two peas in a pod, but younger sister Eugenie deviated from the norm when it came to her engagement ring. How does Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring compare to other royal sparklers?

A diamond engagement ring is the traditional choice.

Classic and elegant, both Princess Beatrice and Meghan Markle boast beautiful diamond rings.

Eugenie’s older sister Beatrice wears a 4ct six-claw round diamond, flanked by two tapered baguettes, with pavé diamonds for added sparkle.

Meghan Markle wears a “very similar” engagement ring, featuring a 6ct diamond from Botswana, flanked by two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection.

But unlike her sister and good friend Meghan, Princess Eugenie does not have a traditional diamond at the centre of her engagement ring.

Maxwell Stone, creative director of Steven Stone, told “Instead, she received a Padparadscha sapphire from Jack Brooksbank.

“These are extremely rare stones which many people haven’t even heard of.”

Nothing short of “strikingly beautiful”, Maxwell described Eugenie’s ring as “unique”.

Instead of a colourless diamond, her stone, which Maxwell estimates to be 3-4cts, shines pink and orange, “often resembling the colours of a sunset”.

He continued: “This is a notably rare gemstone, thanks to its unparalleled salmon hue.”

Beaverbooks’ Lorna Haddon estimated that the ring is worth an eye-watering £100,000.

While the centrepiece of the ring is not a diamond, it nods to tradition by incorporating 10 brilliant cut and two pear cut diamonds.

These work to emphasise the sapphire, giving the ring an “eye-catching” finish.

Like Meghan’s centre stone, Eugenie’s was probably sourced in Sri Lanka, where this particular sapphire is mainly obtained.

But, while Princess Eugenie’s ring is notably rare, there is one aspect which is steeped in tradition.

“The stones are set on a Welsh yellow gold band, which is a custom for royal brides, with two stunning tapered diamonds at the shoulders of the yellow gold shank.”

While it differs quite enormously from sister Beatrice and Meghan Markle’s “traditional” pieces, Princess Eugenie’s ring honours some other iconic royal fashionistas.

Kate Middleton, who inherited the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring, wears a 12ct Ceylon sapphire.

The sapphire is a deep, royal blue, of AAAA quality, and is amongst the most valuable of its kind.

And Eugenie’s ring bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother, Sarah Ferguson’s.

Fergie’s glorious ruby ring was designed, like Diana’s, by Garrard.

Much like Eugenie’s, the ring is surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

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