Coronation Street's Sherrie Hewson stayed in toxic 28-year marriage with cheating ex so her daughter wouldn't get 'hurt'

SHE was married to her ex-husband for 28 years – but Sherrie Hewson has now admitted that she stayed with him for so long for the sake of their daughter, Keeley.

On the new episode of Fabulous’ hit podcast, Things I Told My Daughter, the actress and novelist opens up about the close bond she and Keeley share – as well as what it was really like when her marriage crumbled in the wake of her husband’s infidelity.

Speaking with Keeley, 37, and podcast host Peta Todd, Sherrie, 71, says: “I’ve never allowed [Keeley] to have any pain or any upset or any hurt.”

The former Loose Woman married her ex-husband Ken Boyd in May 1983, but they later separated in 2001 after he admitted to having an affair, before divorcing in 2011. She has remained single ever since.

She says: “It was just so awful because it happened in a really bad way.

“Also we lived in a beautiful art-deco house in Esher in Surrey… and had to leave there.

“I am very practical so all I needed to do was know that I could get him gone, get rid of him. I bought an apartment in Spain, so I said, ‘You go there’.

“He went, we stayed here and then we moved. [The split] should have happened a long time before it happened.”

When asked by Peta if she stayed in the marriage because of Keeley, Sherrie simply replies “yes”.

The trauma of the split brought her and Keeley – who is now a mum of three – even closer together, though Sherrie does admit to being overprotective of her only child.

The former Coronation Street and Benidorm star, who will soon be returning to the stage in a tour of Kay Mellor’s Fat Friends: The Musical, says: “Nobody puts Keeley in the corner! I am over-protective, I am over-bossy, I over-controlling, I am over-everything.

“I don’t think we’ve ever argued.

“She’s my life. But I am a bit of a pain in the neck, I know that, but I do admit it. It comes from an overprotective place. It’s because of love.

“[My grandkids] are the catalyst in my life, they’re the ones I breathe and live for.”

Meanwhile, Keeley – who was 16 when her parents’ marriage broke down – reveals that although Ken is her biological father, she always felt that she lacked a male role model.

She says: “It’s a funny situation because I’ve never had a father figure as such in my life. I've never known any different.”

As a result of their close relationship – and Sherrie’s overprotective tendencies – the actress admits that she always tries to hide the dark times from her daughter.

She says: “I’ve never allowed her to have any pain or any upset or any hurt. She’s very emotional, so it’s best she doesn’t know.

“I think in my life I’ve hidden the worst of the worst. I didn’t let her notice a lot because I always think why should anyone be burdened with your problems?

“No one should be. They’re your problems, they’re your secrets, nobody needs to know.

“You’re only putting it on someone else because you want to relieve yourself from pain – why?”


Keeley agrees: “She does hide everything very well which is frustrating.

“If she’s not well she would never tell me. I didn’t really notice a lot [during the divorce].

“It was never upsetting or distressing in any way, which was fine. Neither one of them made it difficult at all.”

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