Cardi B’s Wardrobe Malfunction: Her Jumpsuit Rips In Half & She Performs In Bathrobe

Things went wildly wrong when Cardi B’s jumpsuit ripped RIGHT down the middle of her backside during her performance at Bonnaroo on June 16. Luckily, she handled it like a pro!

Cardi B suffered quite an awkward wardrobe malfunction while giving a performance at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee on June 16. The rapper hit the stage in a beaded jumpsuit, which was multicolored and hugged all of her curves to perfection. However, at one point, she turned her back to the crowd to shake her booty, and revealed that the ensemble had ripped RIGHT on her butt crack! Of course, Cardi knows the show must go on, so she addressed the situation instead of ignoring it. “I just wanna let y’all know that my outfit ripped,” she admitted onstage.

After making the declaration, she ran off stage, only to return a few moments later in a new get-up — a bathrobe! “We gonna keep it moving, baby,” she urged the fans. “We gonna keep it sexy. I don’t know how in this f***ing robe, but we gonna do it”! In total, Cardi performed for about 45 minutes, singing her hits like “Money,” “I Like It” and “Bodak Yellow,” amongst others. She and her dancers lit up the stage as they kept the energy for the entire time, and the crowd went wild as they sang and danced along. Cardi wasn’t even a headliner at the event, but she drew quite an audience!

The Bonnaroo performance comes after Cardi was forced to cancel a few shows at the end of May while she recovered from getting plastic surgery. She had liposuction and a breast augmentation, and returned to work too quickly without giving herself proper time to heal, which led to side effects like swelling in her feet and stomach area.

Since suffering these complications, Cardi has vowed never to get plastic surgery again, and took to Twitter to joke that she’ll now be working out so she doesn’t have to go under the knife to sculpt her body in the future. “I been working out for the past two weeks cause b**** I ain’t getting surgery again,” she wrote. “But let me tell you I haven’t gotten a headache ever since.” Well, there’s one plus side to it!

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