Bridezilla blasted for saying she’ll charge guests $100 per person if they drop out to cover food

A BRIDE has come under fire for saying she’ll charge guests $100 (£72) if they drop out of the wedding. 

The woman shared a photo of the invite cards she sent out to guests saying if they click attending, they will have to pay up if they later change their mind. 

The cards read: “We are paying per plate, if you RSVP ‘attending’ and do not make it, we will be requesting $100 cost from you for each person in your party.”

The bride then asked people for advice on the cards, and if other brides were doing similar things for their weddings. 

She added alongside the snap: “So I’m making little cards to add to our envelopes for our invitations.

“I know it may seem rude or harsh but Covid-19 and # restrictions having us cut down our list & to make this day affordable for us as well, I don’t have any guilt about this.”

The entire post was later shared on a wedding shaming thread on Reddit – and people didn’t seem a fan of the cost-saving idea.

One said: “All you're doing with this is alienating your guests.”

Another added: “If I got this I would rsvp yes, not show up and then laugh at her when she requests her money.”

A third wrote: “I'd be rethinking my relationship with anyone trying to have a public wedding mid covid because it's just so irresponsible, you add this entitlement into the mix and whew, no thought necessary – goneeee.”

However, a fourth reasoned: “Yeah I would never feel comfortable sending this, but I wouldn't get mad about receiving it.”

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