Wootton: Prince Charles should give the Duke of Edinburgh title to Edward

Since moving over to the Daily Mail as a columnist, Dan Wootton has spent the bulk of his time pissing out essays crying about woke culture and writing unhinged love letters to Prince William. It’s been pretty intense, from his weird fixation on how the Duchess of Sussex is the root of all evil, to his shady comments about how William and Kate can only be separated by death itself, to the absolutely unhinged “open letter” to William, which seemed too groveling and sycophantic to be real. My point? Wootton is firmly ensconced in Team Cambridge, or even more specifically, Team Elegant Other Brother. So it’s extremely curious that Wootton is suddenly turning his attention to this mess between Prince Charles and the Wessexes! Also curious: Wootton seems to be taking Sophie and Edward’s side over Charles. Some highlights from Wootton’s latest column:

The Wessexes would never go on a publicity tour to embiggen themselves: In the days that followed [Philip’s death], it became obvious to the world just how close Edward and Sophie have become to Her Majesty. And what’s even more lovely is that they hadn’t felt the need to shout about it to further their own PR for many years, understanding their role has tended to be in the background.

The Wessexes have waited long enough: Solid as a rock and low-key to a fault, the Wessexes finally had their long-awaited moment in the royal spotlight. Once the also-rans of the family and pushed to the sidelines, the public have realised just how much Edward and Sophie have to offer. Especially compared to the ongoing nightmare that is Prince Andrew and Fergie – likely forever exiled because of his shameful dealings over his friendship with disgraced paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – or the Californian egomaniacs Prince Harry and Meghan who now seem determined to inflict maximum damage on the monarchy.

Very shady, Wootton: But it seems Prince Charles – isolated in deep grief, thinking hard about the future of the Royal Family and rocked by polls showing the British public overwhelmingly don’t want his wife Camilla to become Queen – hasn’t particularly enjoyed the emergence of this humble new royal force.

The cruel blow: Intent on pursuing his plan for a seriously slimmed-down monarchy following the Queen’s death, sources close to Charles have let it be known he doesn’t plan to hand down Prince Philip’s Duke of Edinburgh title to his youngest brother, as was always promised. To describe such a move as a devastating and cruel blow to Edward would be an understatement.
The Queen won’t be happy? Given that it goes against her husband’s express wishes, I suspect the Queen won’t be happy either with such a blatant U-turn and, while she respects that Charles must reshape the monarchy following her death, she should be listened to.

Charles hates the Wessexes: Charles doesn’t particularly like Edward and Sophie. They’ve never had a natural bond since two seismic fallouts 20 years ago [Edward’s TV career and Sophie’s Fake Sheik disaster]. Both incidents culminated in Edward and Sophie quitting private business to focus on a life of royal duty. The Queen has long moved on – she is no doubt proud that Edward is her only child not to seek a divorce – and Charles should be the same.

The brutality of denying Edward the DoE title: Denying Edward the Duke of Edinburgh title he has waited to inherit since before his marriage feels too brutal and reeks to me of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Edward and Sophie represent the type of hardworking and loyal royal currently in short supply. You know; the type who show up to the opening of a community centre on a rainy Saturday morning without much fuss. Their marriage is solid. Their family is strong. Their work ethic is undeniable.

This made me lol: So why not embrace an asset, rather than heaping more pressure on Camilla, Prince William and Kate whose workload is already sizeable? Remember, outside of the Queen only seven core royals now work full-time: Charles, Camilla, Anne, Edward, Sophie, William and Kate.

[From The Daily Mail]

Wootton goes on to say, in his long-winded way, that Charles should do what his father always wanted, which is give the DoE title to Edward. It’s incredibly curious to me that Wootton is making the argument about the lack of full-time working royals and describing William and Kate’s workloads as “sizeable.” Where? When? How? That was actually the part that underlined why Wootton is making this argument – Sophie and Edward have sucked up to Will and Kate for years, and this is their reward: William is taking their side in their dispute with Charles. William was fine with authorizing Wootton to write this, probably because it further underlines Charles’ pettiness and cruelty (in William’s mind).

Also: “…what’s even more lovely is that they hadn’t felt the need to shout about it to further their own PR for many years,..” They’ve certainly made up for lost time! Sophie and Edward were always desperate to be in the spotlight but they only began making these moves when Harry & Meghan left. Then their PR campaign was kicked up another notch when Phil kicked the royal bucket. While I do think Charles is petty as hell, he’s right to disturbed by the Wessexes being so thirsty. It IS gauche and exploitative.

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