Travel Blogger Kaitlyn McCaffery in Coma for Weeks With Brain Injury After Scooter Accident in Bali

The social media influencer was found ‘alone, unconscious, broken and bleeding’ by two young men after suffering a terrifying crash that has left her in a coma for nearly two weeks.

AceShowbizKaitlyn McCaffery is currently fighting for life in a hospital bed. After a terrifying scooter accident in Bali which has left her with a traumatic brain injury, the travel influencer is in a coma for nearly two weeks.

According to a GoFundMe page launched by a family friend, the 27-year-old travel influencer was found “alone, unconscious, broken and bleeding” by two young men after suffering a moto-scooter accident on her way to her current home in Bali, Indonesia on July 31. In the statement, it’s said that the California native “surely would have died” without their help.

Kaitlyn was taken to a hospital in the Bali capital of Denpasar to be treated for a brain injury, facial fractures and other serious injuries. In a photo that was shared by the organizer of the fundraising campaign, the social media influencer could be seen reclining in a hospital bed as she was covered in bandages and hooked up to a tangle of tubes and wires.

The GoFundMe campaign was created less than a week ago after Kaitlyn’s insurance company refused to pay expenses to move her to a hospital in California. “Although Kaitlyn was smart to buy international medical insurance,” the site read, “the insurance company has refused to pay for the cost to evacuate her to California.”

The page then noted that the estimated cost to fly her back to the United States is $250,000. As for now, the campaign has already surpassed its goal with more than $303,000 raised to evacuate Kaitlyn to California.

However, Kaitlyn’s family is currently facing an “impossible decision.” According to an update on the page on Tuesday, August 10, her mom Janine was granted an emergency visa to travel to Indonesia.

“Does the family get to Bali as soon as possible and wait out a mandatory 8-day quarantine or do they wait for the medical evacuation to take place at the end of the week if all goes according to plan?” the post continued. “The family risks getting to Bali and having Kaitlyn evacuated prior to their 8-day quarantine ending, meaning that the family will be trapped in Bali for multiple days while Kaitlyn is en route home.”

Just a day before her accident, Kaitlyn took to her Instagram account @fearlesstravelers to mark her two months vacationing in Bali. “Two months in Bali!” she wrote along with a photo of her posing in front of an antique door. “Loving where I live, the people I have met so far, and the warm warm air. So happy to call this place home.”

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