Those palace aides are actually detailing the way they sabotaged Duchess Meghan

I didn’t get a chance to cover this Times of London story before the Oprah interview aired, but tons of people were talking about it. It was yet another character assassination of the Duchess of Sussex from palace aides who were hoping to get their hits in before the interview and drive a narrative about how Meghan was “demanding” and “dramatic.” The Times piece was called “How Meghan Became the Unmerry Wife of Windsor,” and as you can imagine, the onus was put entirely on Meghan for how these snotty, racist folks were treating her. We don’t have to talk about the whole thing, but these were the sections that came up for discussion:

People hated Meghan from the start: There was widespread concern and sympathy for Meghan as she entered the lion’s den of royal girlfriend territory. But even before the wedding the excitement of Harry’s engagement had worn off at Kensington Palace, then the prince’s home. “Half of the staff threatened to quit,” a former aide to one of the most senior members of the royal family claimed. Another Palace source claimed with uncharacteristic hyperbole that “the entire household was on the verge of quitting … it was drama, drama, drama with those two.”

Meghan was “unkind”: After the wedding, early sympathy for Meghan gave way to alarm. “The family have tried to be welcoming,” a former aide insisted at the time. “All the staff and principals have genuinely tried to be kind, but she is genuinely unkind back, pitting Harry against them.” A lifelong friend of Harry’s observed: “She’s changed him. He’s disappeared, he’s a caged lion.”

The Palace was already worried about charges of racism: There is particular resentment at suggestions that because of Meghan’s African-American heritage, racism may have been a factor in the attitudes of royal household staff. “The diversity policy in the households is exemplary,” one senior source insisted. “Because of the Queen’s links with the Commonwealth, and her desire to represent all Britons, they have bent over backwards to be inclusive. It is absolutely wrong to say the Palace is institutionally racist. It really isn’t.” But the households have a way to go in making diversity visible: people from black and ethnic minorities in senior roles are few and far between.

They got one Black guy to help Meghan: Meghan was also said to feel that no one tried to help her to adjust to the regimented requirements of royal and constitutional protocol. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” an aide said. Another Palace source insisted: “Everyone bent over backwards to accommodate her — now they feel they’re being totally shafted and collectively made to look like racists.” Another courtier revealed that the Queen’s then equerry, Lieutenant Colonel Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah, the first black man appointed to the role — who himself may have once felt like an outsider finding his way — was deployed to help “mentor” Meghan.

It’s Meghan’s fault for not understanding that she’s not important: Yet behind all the allegations of the Sussexes behaving shoddily lie awkward questions for an institution that seems to have had a shrewd idea of the reasons for Meghan’s misery, yet appears to have been unable to address them. “She has no idea about the institution she has married into … she thinks she should be on a level playing field with the Queen and the Duchess [of Cambridge], that the world revolves around her,” a royal aide said when the wheels started to fall off. “What she doesn’t understand or accept at all is the pecking order.”

A Beyonce way of life? “Why is Meghan the way she is?” asked a senior royal source. “A very weird childhood is definitely part of it. She raised herself for much of it, living with her father for a long time and looking after him. The no friends at the wedding was quite a telltale sign. She’s really smart, if she could have seen the use of that inside the institution. She wanted to be ‘A’ list — the royal family is beyond ‘A’ list — but she wanted it the Beyoncé way, without restrictions. She was never up for royal life. Right from the start, she courted rejection.”

[From The Times]

So, this was the narrative pre-interview. Meghan is terrible because her parents were divorced and she “raised herself” and she wanted things done the “Beyonce way” and look, we gave her a Black equerry for support, and everyone hated her from the word GO but the staff really supported her, we promise, you guys. So, just… rank amateurism, yet again. They can’t even get their stories straight and the racism leapt off the page.

I was thinking of this story as I read this asinine Becky English story at the Daily Mail this morning. English is getting briefed from those same palace aides – the ones who threatened to quit as soon as Black woman came onboard, the same ones who thought it was appropriate to single out one Black equerry as a mentor for Meghan – that Meghan had tons of support from the very beginning. One insider tells Becky: “There was a brilliant team of very experienced and loyal aides to help them. Sadly, she and Harry were willing to listen to no one. And that is the honest truth.” A brilliant team who began leaking sh-t about ME-Gain just a few months after the wedding? That brilliant team? The brilliant team who threatened to quit en masse after the wedding, according to the same Palace sources? Anyway, yeah, whatever. They set her up to fail and when she didn’t fail, they sabotaged her.

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