This Dance Set to Beyoncé's "Freedom" Delivers a Message of Hope Amidst Racial Injustice

Like the lyrics of a song or words on a page, dance can deliver powerful messages meant to inspire and instill hope. In a powerful video shared to YouTube, choreographers Aliya Janell and JoJo Gomez collaborated on an intense dance routine set to Beyoncé’s “Freedom” that speaks volumes about the the fight for racial equality and the ongoing protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

During the routine, six women took to the dance floor to illustrate the devastating effects of police brutality on the Black community and the need for change. Despite the heartbreaking subject matter, the video delivers a message of strength, courage, and persistence meant to empower those advocating for equality. Watch the full video here and find out what you can do in addition to protesting to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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