The Weeknd's New Album Has People *Convinced* He Dated Angelina Jolie

Today in celebrity hookups that don’t involve Kanye West, fans are pretty sure The Weeknd is flexing his romance with Angelina Jolie all over multiple songs on his new album, Dawn FM. The album just dropped Friday, and the lyrics were immediately dissected for references to the rumored relationship (which has been speculated about since the Weeknd and Angelina’s dinner date last summer).

In September, the Weeknd (whose real name is Abel Tesfaye) and Angelina were spotted out together again, prompting “insiders” to offer up some anonymous intel about their relationship status.

“Both Angie and Abel are telling people that they are just friends, but those who know them think something romantic is going on. Friends believe things could turn romantic,” a source told Us Weekly, adding that Angelina was “definitely warming toward Abel. He’s been pouring on the charm and going out of his way to impress her.”

Now, it looks like some of that charm might be coming out in musical form, because there’s definitely some ship fuel peppered throughout Dawn FM. Here’s a quick rundown of lyrics that fans are interpreting as evidence that the Weeknd and Angelina have hooked up in some capacity.

“Here We Go… Again”

Exhibit A: The Weeknd’s new girl is a movie star and Angelina Jolie is movie star.

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