Steph McGovern addresses ‘horrendous’ time at home with partner after ‘scary’ encounter

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The Steph Show host Steph McGovern, 38, said her partner has found her “scrabbling around under things or in cupboards” after she dreamt she had lost their baby. The presenter became a mum for the first time to a daughter back in November.

My partner has found me on the floor scrabbling around under things or in cupboards

Steph McGovern

Steph opened up about her “crazy dreams and awful night terrors” ahead of the relaunch of her show.

She explained: “As I’ve got older, they have become more vivid. And since having a baby, I will regularly wake up and think I’ve lost her.

“I imagine she’s in bed with me and I’ve dropped her, or I’ve lost her.

“Quite a few times, my partner has found me on the floor scrabbling around under things or in cupboards, looking for the baby.

“I’m asleep — my brain isn’t working enough to know she actually is there, because I’m looking at things and I’m not seeing what’s really there.

“It’s really quite scary,” she added. “And lately the night terrors are of not being able to do my job.”

The mother-of-one went on to say she had been visualising what her brain had tricked her into seeing.

In another dream, the host said she “leapt out of bed” after dreaming a man had exposed himself to her during a live broadcast.

“My poor partner woke up to find me screaming away, and had to calm me down. It’s horrendous,” she added.

Steph has since attended therapy sessions to help her with her night terrors, but admitted she is yet to be “cured”.

What has helped her however is, not looking at her phone or reading bad news before bedtime.

She went on to say her nightmares tend to happen during stressful times.

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Steph welcomed her first baby with her partner, a BBC executive, last year.

The presenter said she had no negative reaction to her baby being with another woman and said she was more trolled about her northern accent in the earlier stage of her career.

“I had no reaction to the fact I was having another baby with another woman. Not that I saw, anyway.

“I think because I’m not going on and on about it — I just live my life and am fairly private — people are genuinely interested in when people are having babies,” she added to The Sun.

Steph is yet to reveal the name or identity of her daughter publicly, but tends to give fans an insight into parenthood on her Twitter.

She recently tweeted: “Convo with my parents looking after my baby: She ok? Great. Slept ok? Yep.

“Wake for a feed? No Wow, she slept through from 7pm? “Ah no, she woke at nine until 12.

“Woah! Was she crying that whole time? No, she was watching The Shining with us. She loved it cos it’s got kids in.”

The Steph Show airs weekdays from 12.30pm on Channel 4.

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