Stacey Solomon says she feels sleep deprived after welcoming baby Rose

Stacey Solomon has shared an update on being mum to newborn daughter Rose, telling fans she’s feeling “sleep deprived.”

Taking to her Instagram stories on Tuesday night, Stacey shared a sweet snap of herself with baby Rose cuddled up on her chest, and her youngest son Rex asleep on her legs.

She told her followers: “I feel as sleep deprived as I look. But actually enjoying it in a weird way.”

She jokingly added: “My wonky boobs are cracking me up in this picture too. Joe gets the best angles. Sweet dreams love you lots.”

Stacey gave birth to her and Joe Swash’s daughter, Rose Opal Esme Solomon-Swash, on her birthday on 4 October at their home, Pickle Cottage.

The mum of four went on to reveal her daughter's name in an Instagram post over a week later, saying: "Rose Opal, Esmè Solomon-Swash. Our beautiful flower – Our precious jewel – who is ever loved.

"It’s been the most magical week. We love you to the moon and back our little Rose.

"We feel so so lucky to have you here…"

The Loose Women star jumped on Instagram on Tuesday to share a sweet snap of their baby daughter as she turned two weeks old.

The 32 year old star had Rose dressed up in a personalised pink baby-grow with her name written across the front for the photo.

Melting the hearts of fans, baby Rose gave a big stretch in the snap as Stacey captioned: "Hello everyone. Today I am… two weeks old.

"And my mummy can't believe how fast it's all going."

Stacey has been refreshingly open with her followers about the reality of childbirth recently as she revealed to fans that she has been wearing an ‘adult nappy’ and claimed ‘something happened to her brain’ following the birth.

Asked if she would be having more children, Stacey filmed a video of herself lying in bed, lifting her sweatshirt to reveal the ‘adult nappy’.

She said: “I mean, my noon is still broken to be completely honest, but trust me nobody in the history of getting pregnant ever got pregnant while still wearing these."

A later post had Stacey discussing her brain following the birth, saying: "I don't know what's happened to my brain. I don't know what I'm saying half the time,

"Time really does fly. Rose looked up like she was about to say 'G-day what are you talking about mum' at the end there."

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