Shetland star Douglas Henshall fumes as supply issues NOT blamed on Brexit in Twitter rant

Shetland: Douglas Henshall stars in season six trailer

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Douglas Henshall is one of the stars of hit drama Shetland, which returns with a new episode tonight. The actor recently took to Twitter to air his concern over supply issues in a rant to Waitrose.

The star called out the retailer last week over their signage about supply issues.

In view of his 73,000 followers, he penned: “Dear @waitrose why do the signs in your stores say ‘Due to countrywide supply issues we are currently experiencing shortages of certain items……..’ instead of ‘Due to Brexit………’ when anyone with half a brain knows that that is the cause of your supply issues. #Brexit”

In another tweet, the star explained he’d seen the signs in the Byers Road branch in Glasgow.

Many of the star’s followers then weighed in with their thoughts as Douglas questioned the signage.

One user named @ThomasFReader wrote: “Because a big bunch of their customers will support Brexit and the other lot will not, and they don’t want to be seen as taking sides?

“Doesn’t make sense to p*** off any customers in any circumstances does it?”

Douglas then replied: “I don’t understand why the truth would be a problem regardless of which way you voted.”

While another named @McJamesA tweeted: “It’s not a lie.

“The cause of the supply issues is Brexit, but it’s not Waitrose’s responsibility to state that.

“Jeopardising your business and people’s jobs to make a political point is ridiculous.

“Politicians *should* be making that political point.”

However, Douglas argued: “It’s not making a political point, it’s simply telling people the reason for the empty shelves.” has contacted Waitrose for comment on the tweet.

Douglas is currently starring as DI Jimmy Pérez in BBC’s Shetland.

Based on the novels by Vera creator Ann Cleeves, the series follows the Scottish police officer.

Currently, it is in its sixth series with the hugely popular show still racking up viewers.

Speaking about playing the iconic role to The Press and Journal recently, the star said it was “in his bones”.

He told the publication: “I think I’ve been doing it so long, Perez is just in my bones now.

“Normally it takes me around a week to start to feel comfortable playing him again but after that it’s pretty straightforward.”

The actor added about his character: “I think he’s very good at his job but his weakness is that he doesn’t care about himself enough.

“He really needs to get back out in the world at some point and I think he’s very near burn out.

“He’s a good dad and a good cop but, as far as his personal life is concerned, he really needs to take a look at himself.”

Shetland returns to BBC One tonight at 9pm.

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