Sarah Hyland Rocks Crop Top & Mini Skirt While Dancing With Fiancé Wells Adams – Pic

Sarah Hyland might have landed her a spot on the next season of ‘DWTS.’ The ‘Modern Family’ actress, while rocking a short black skirt, proved she’s quite flexible while dancing with fiancé, Wells Adams.

There really isn’t a deeper meaning or explanation to the photo Sarah Hyland posted to her Instagram on Dec. 28. In the shot, the 30-year-old star of Modern Family is wearing a black bustier top, a ruffled black mini skirt, and a huge smile while kicking her leg up in her air. Sarah’s soon-to-be-husband, Wells Adams, 36, is wearing a pair of black pants and a checkered button-up. There’s a Christmas tree in the background, all lit up and a’glow. “We were drunk and thought we were dancers,” explained Sarah in the caption, trying to justify this adorably goofy photo. “That’s it.”

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Judging by the reaction in the comments, no justification was necessary. “Cutirssssssss LOVE TO SEE IT,” commented Vanessa Hudgens. “You are the most perfect Present,” added makeup artist Denika Bedrossian. “Your leg as high as my expectations of men,” added another friend, while Ester Kim just called Sarah a “Hottie.”

This Christmas photo shows Wells and Sarah seemingly ending 2020 on a positive note. The couple, who have been engaged since July 2019, had planned to tie the knot this year. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic happened and everything was put on hold – including their nuptials. “I think the thought was that we’d originally start thinking about that around this time and now that this is happening, you know, what’s the point of even trying to get something solidified with everything being so up in the air?” Wells said during a May 1 interview with Access.

“If it lasts really, really long I think that we would do like a really small backyard thing but that’s probably not gonna happen. There are too many ABC personalities that need to give us gifts. Ty Burell, I need a new fly fishing rod, and Chris Harrison, I need some crystal.” Spoiler Alert: it did last that long. The COVID-19 pandemic is, as December 2020, still ongoing.

The novel coronavirus outbreak ultimately forced Sarah and Wells to postpone their special day, which would have been August 8th. Sarah revealed this with an Instagram post, one that showed her in wedding white while having fun with her beau out at a vineyard. “A couple, a pandemic, & a postponed wedding: A series. We were supposed to get married today. Instead… we took pictures and drank wine. I love you to Pluto & back.”

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