Sam Faiers reveals how she stays in such incredible shape while juggling motherhood – ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Mummy Diaries star Sam Faiers, who is mum to son Paul, three, and daughter Rosie, five, has opened up on the effort she makes to maintain her sensational physique.

Speaking in an exclusive OK! online video, former TOWIE star Sam, 28, reveals that she wakes up before anyone else to get her workout done, before starting her day.

Sam said of her routine: “Set your alarm early and get up before the children and then you’ve got the rest of the day to be a mum.

"I get up before anyone else in my house its up; I’ll train, have a shower, put a little bit of make up on. Then by quarter to 7 I’m done and can just get on with my day with the kids."

She continued: “I do have a PT – generally I use him two to three times a week. He’ll come to my house and I’ll get up super early before the kids, do my training session.

"With my diet, I love my food and I would find it really hard to cut out all carbs. I’m busy all the time so I don’t have time to plan out super healthy meals or stand there cooking all day long. It's all about balance."

Sam and her partner of almost five years, Paul Knightley, are also planning to expand their brood, but not straight away.

She revealed: “Paul and I definitely want more kids; we’ve always said four or five, but five seems like too many now we’ve got two.

"Right now work is so busy and they take up so much of my time, so maybe in a couple of years.

"The best thing about having children is just how much love I have for them. I didn’t realise how hard my heart could get – before you become a mum you don’t realise how much you could possibly love someone.”

The star has also bravely opened up on a condition which has affected her since childhood – trichotillomania – a condition that sees her habitually pick out all her eyelashes.

The mother-of-two revealed in an interview with OK! magazine that she’s been seeing a therapist for the condition, after fearing daughter Rosie was copying her tendencies.

Read the full interview with Sam Faiers in this week’s OK! magazine – Out nationwide on Tuesday!

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