Roy Keane opens up on ‘not mentioning wife in public’ in rare insight to private marriage

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Roy Keane, 50, has been in the public eye since he first stepped foot on the football pitch back in 1989. However, the manager and pundit rarely makes mention of his personal life in public, which he once addressed in an unearthed interview.

Roy has been married to his wife Theresa Doyle for 20 years.

The pair met back in 1992 when she was in a relationship with another man.

Despite not being initially interested in him, the pair later began dating and married in 1997.

Together, they have five children together named Shannon, Caragh, Aidan, Leah, and Alanna.

However, he tends to keep his home life out of the spotlight.

Roy once opened up to The Sunday Times about how he doesn’t mention his wife in public.

In an unearthed interview, he said: “I don’t really mention her in public.

“But in fairness to her, she has been a rock in my life. Just brilliant.

“She reads me better than I read myself. I wouldn’t say Theresa likes every part of the package.”

Roy went on to add: “She knows I haven’t got a halo over my head.

“Actually, that’s what she likes about me.

“She also knows I am not the nastiest person in the world.”

Elsewhere, Roy did make a cheeky reference to his wife earlier this year when presenting the Euros.

He left viewers in stitches back in June when he joked about not speaking much to his wife.

The pundit was presenting on ITV as he discussed some players having to self isolate.

This was after some England players had reportedly chatted to their Scottish teammates for more than 20 minutes.

Roy said: “The only thing I would be critical of is why would you want to speak to an opposition player for 20 minutes?

“I don’t care if he’s your teammate or not. For over 20 minutes?

“I very rarely speak to anybody for over five minutes.

“After a game when you’ve been to war with somebody, why would you want to chat to somebody for that long?

“I think they could have used a bit more common sense. I rarely want to speak to anyone for five minutes.”

His co-presenter Mark Pougatch then asked: “I hope your wife gets more than five minutes?”

However, Keane quipped back: “No, never.”

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