Richard Jefferson Attempts to Explain LeBron James' Hairline

• Richard Jefferson is an NBA Champion, a 17-year veteran of the league, and now an ESPN analyst.
• But today he’s going to be eating some Disgustingly Healthy foods, and answering some of our trickiest questions.
• Is Tim Duncan a dick? What’s the deal with LeBron’s hairline? We’ve got the answers.

Richard Jefferson is a lot of things. He’s an NBA Champion, a 17-year league veteran, and now an ESPN NBA analyst. And now, he’s also consumed duck blood and a goose foot.

With all that experience in the league playing for eight different teams, RJ knows a lot, so we had to make sure that our questions this time around for Disgustingly Healthy really pushed him to the brink.

We know that Jefferson’s former teammate LeBron James has been having a little trouble filling out the cast for Space Jam 2. But would Jefferson consider joining the cast?

Well, he’d rather try the duck blood than answer that one. After trying a mouthful of duck blood, nothing has ever been more certain in the world, “that’ll definitely be the worst one, by far.” He doesn’t know what else is in store, but he does know that the dish he later says “tastes like the devil’s ass” will be hard to top.

Remember Tim Duncan? You know, the two-time NBA MVP, five-time NBA Finals Champion, and three-time NBA Finals MVP? Well, Jefferson has quite the rant to say when Tim comes up as a player he might want to consider playing with again (other choices being Gordon Hayward, LeBron James, and Jason Kidd).

“The person I would want to least play with, if I could change anything in my life, in my entire career, from playing basketball to today is Tim Duncan. He was just a dick. He never laughed at any of my jokes, he doesn’t respond to any of my texts or phone calls. There’s nothing about him that’s enjoyable, theres’ nothing about him that’s pleasant, and I would least like to play with him again. But seriously, Tim, call me back.”

The former Net, Cavalier, Buck, Spur, (etc.) has to do quite a lot more here: rank the cities in which he’s played (“San Antonio is a dump,” he says, but still think Milwaukee was worse), but the trickiest might just be answering the question about how his former Cavs Teammate Tristan Thompson might be able to resist the temptation of NBA groupies. “T-Top, I love you, but I’m not answering that question,” he says. Steamed frog it is, then.”The things I would do to avoid answering questions about Tristan Thompson.”

He also does his best to explain the mystery that everyone wants to get to the bottom of: LeBron’s hairline. An inside scoop like this has got to have an answer, right?

“No one can explain it,” he says. “He just doesn’t want to let it go.”

There’s a lot more fun to be had, but we end with one final question for Mr. Jefferson: who’s the most overrated player currently in The Association? He can let us know, or he can eat a goose foot. Fair trade, we’d say.

RJ is torn.

“Channing Frye is not current anymore, because he’s retired, but he sucked and he was still overrated,” he says. “People were like, Channing, you suck! And I was like, You’re giving him too much credit.”

Very entertaining, but not an answer to the question. So Richard Jefferson is going to have to add a new line to his very impressive resume:

NBA Champion. 17-year league vet. ESPN Analyst. Goose foot connoisseur.

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