Piers Morgan reignites Meghan Markle feud ahead of Jubilee and claims shell hijack headlines

Piers Morgan reignited his feud with Meghan Markle on his new show as he claimed that the Duchess will “hijack headlines” along with Prince Harry when the Platinum Jubilee celebrations take place next week.

The 57 year old launched a bitter tirade about Meghan, 40, on his programme Uncensored on Thursday, bringing Harry, 37, into his negative rant as he complained that the couple would “make the Jubilee all about themselves”.

Since the Sussexes confirmed that they will join the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations this month, it has been reported that Meghan and Harry will also be at the Queen’s Jubilee Service at St Paul’s Cathedral on 4 June.

Piers has had a longstanding issue with the Duchess and had much to say against the pair showing up next week.

He fumed: "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the southern English county that I come from, incidentally, where they've spent precisely three hours, are a pair of undignified, whiney, hypocritical virtue-signalling, selfish wastrels.

"The privacy demanding, poverty preaching carbon-conscious couple will fly 5,000 miles, spilling 1.5 metric tones of CO2 emissions, accompanied of course by the Netflix documentary camera crew recording their Kardashian-style, reality show.

"The emissions of most concern to me, however, are the other noxious toxic fumes they will inevitably emit from the moment they land here and make the jubilee all about themselves.

"And I'm already shuddering at how this fame-hungry duo will hijack the headlines from the woman who should be given them purely to cement their rival royal brand."

Piers continued to say that he was “bemused” at Meghan for seemingly ignoring her father Thomas Markle, who was recently reported to have suffered a stroke, as she and Harry opted to “exploit their Royal status for big bucks” instead.

"Meghan and Harry love to preach about compassion, yet they show none of it to their own families,” he said.

"If they had an ounce of real compassion they'd cancel their trip to the jubilee and visit Thomas Markle in hospital.

"That would be the first time, incredibly, that Harry would have ever met his father-in-law. That would also mean missing the chance to exploit their royal status for big bucks – that ain't gonna happen."

Later on in Pier’s show, comedian Kate Smurthwaite asked why he had been so “horrendous” towards Meghan.

Piers argued: "On their wedding day, I wrote a big piece for the Mail on Sunday saying it was a wonderful day for the country, brilliant for the Royal family, we had our first biracial member of the Royal Family.

"And then she disowned her father who right now, in America, is actually in a very serious condition after a massive stroke."

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