Peter Andre hopes to crack America after signing with top Hollywood agent

Peter Andre is hoping to make the leap from reality TV to Hollywood stardom after wowing critics with his portrayal of an ex- heroin addict.

The 46-year-old pop singer now has a contract with a top US agent after being nominated at the Beverly Hills Film Festival for Best Actor in a Short Film.

He impressed as tattoo-covered ex-junkie John in The Inheritance and said of the role: “It was very dark but he somehow has an epiphany. I loved it. I am co-writing a second script.”

Explaining how he hopes to spread his creative wings, the former I’m a Celebrity star added: “I have signed with John Ferriter. John manages Ryan Seacrest and has done stuff with Mark Wahlberg and he’s very good.

"He is my first American manager. I had someone in the 90s but that was just music, this is TV and film, so I will definitely be working a lot more over there.”

In terms of his music, Peter is also planning big changes. He said: “You kind of realise there is all this new talent and the music industry changes. I think it’s time to work with some South American musicians. I love all that sound.”

Peter was speaking as he supported cider firm Bulmers on a project to promote orchard restorations. He explained: “I have an orchard at my house in Cyprus. It’s another passion.”

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