Pete Davidson is getting all his tattoos removed, says it will take two more years

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Pete Davidson’s love of tattoos is well known. And not just the amount he has on him. His dedication to inking himself borders on dependency. Pete has a tattoo artist as a part of his entourage. Judd Aptow told a story about filming The King of Staten Island in which Pete had to be monitored for filming continuity. The minute he was cleared, he’d get tattooed on that area he was told to keep clean. Since he has an artist with him at all times, he’s very generous and offers free tattoos to the people around him. That’s nice, but he can also force the issue, like he did with Judd who simply didn’t want one. I don’t know, it’s a weird thing to pressure someone on, especially as it’s permanent. And it’s culturally insensitive when the person he’s pressuring, like Judd, is Jewish. But something has changed in Pete. He’s decided to get rid of all his tattoos. He said it’s going to take two years to do so. Ouch! What makes this situation even more intriguing is smartwater found a way to brand it. They asked Pete to team up with them their first Rehydration Day. Pete did his first pitch for them from a tattoo removal chair. I posted the bit below, but People has more about the removal process.

Pete Davidson recently revealed that he’s getting his tattoos removed, and said the process is not only incredibly painful, but embarrassing, thanks to some questionable designs he picked out when he was younger. Luckily, the Saturday Night Live star, 27, has found a way to capitalize on his tattoo regrets.

The comedian, writer, actor and producer teamed up with smartwater to help launch the first-ever Rehydration Day — an entire day dedicated to getting Americans rehydrated and replenished after the highly-anticipated, post-COVID July 4th holiday weekend — on Monday, July 5. And for his commercial spot, he took to the tattoo removal chair to talk about other past regrets.

Although Davidson is shown getting tattoos removed in his new smartwater commercial, speaking exclusively with PeopleTV host Jeremy Parsons, the star said it’s actually been “about four or five months” since his last session.

“We’re shooting some stuff and it takes like a month for it to heal. But like it’s pretty much off this hand,” Davidson said, holding both hands up to the camera to show the faded ink. “I get my next treatment [in] like a month or so. They said by the time I’m 30, they should all be gone. So they got like two more years left of this.”

The comedian (who’s known for his self-deprecating sense of humor) told PeopleTV he was “thrilled” to partner with smartwater but admitted he was in disbelief that such a “prestigious” company that’s teamed up with celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Gal Gadot in the past wanted to work with him.

“After they called…I fell on the floor and started laughing for about three hours,” he joked. “Honestly, as soon as I heard ‘smartwater brand deal’, I went deaf.”

“The [Rehydration Day] campaign is intended to encourage people to, you know, make smarter choices and keep living smarter,” Davidson explained about the initiative. “After the 4th of July, the world’s first ever Rehydration Day is dedicated to get our nation back on its feet, ‘Cause [there] will be partying on July 4th… It’s very important to stay hydrated the next day.”

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I like the humor in the smartwater campaign, but the connection isn’t really working for me. But I’m probably not the demographic they were targeting either. I’m with Pete, though, I’d love to know who at smartwater thought to call Pete for a deal? Was it after they caught wind of this tattoo thing? I mean, good for Pete. If he’s going to endure that much physical discomfort and someone offers him spokesperson cash to ease the pain, yes please!

But why is Pete cleaning up all his ink? I get removing some art that no longer speaks to you or maybe some work that hasn’t aged well, but erasing a lifetime of it? That sounds therapeutic. Maybe he’s reinventing himself. Maybe it’s literally a clean slate approach to his next phase in life. Let’s face it, Pete doesn’t do things in small strides, when he takes a step, it’s a lunge. CB brought up an interesting theory that perhaps this drastic measure has something to do with his new love, Phoebe Dynevor? It could be that Phoebe is not a fan of tattoos. Or it could be that Pete has gotten ink for so many women he’s dated in the past, he decided to do the exact opposite this time. I was trying to find photos of the tatts he had cleaned up on his hands, I guess it was some knuckle work? I can’t see anything in the photos in the gallery from 2017 and 2018. Whenever he started the removal, he’s got a long way to go, I wish him luck. I wonder if he ends up keeping anything because it means too much to him to let go. I must admit, I’m a little more than curious to find out what motivated Pete on this journey and whether he deviates from his plan.

Here is Pete’s first smartwater commercial:

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