People on TikTok Think Theyve Found Scarlett Johanssons Doppelg\u00e4nger

Just days after discovering Taylor Swift’s doppelgänger, TikTok has struck again. Except this time, it’s Black Widow star, Scarlett Johansson, who now has a lookalike.

Oh and did we mention that Jennifer Aniston has a TikTok doppelgänger too? Seriously, what is happening on this app?

In turns out this lookalike is actually a 24-year-old from Russia. Her name is Kate, or, as she calls herself on TikTok, Kate Johansson. Nice.

She specializes in dressing up as Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow, regularly posting videos of her wearing a red-haired wig and a Black Widow costume.

Judging from the fact she now has over six million followers, TikTok has gone absolutely wild for her.

One person commented below one of her videos, “Is your name Natasha Romanoff because I’m obsessed”, while another asked, “Wait, she’s not Scarlett’s sister is she?”, and one recommended, “You should go to the Black Widow movie premiere and just start randomly signing autographs.”

Not everyone was convinced though, with one person commenting, “When did they start selling Scarlet(t) on Wish?” Ouch.

Kate obviously didn’t take the Wish comment to heart, posting another video of herself (this time wearing angel wings) with the caption, “When they are saying I am the Scarlett from Wish,” while she flipped off the camera.

For reference, here’s the real Scarlett Johansson.

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