Our Yorkshire Farm: Owen family’s neighbours explain ‘sad’ realisation about show’s fans

Amanda Owen moves cows to a summer grazing pasture

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Our Yorkshire Farm very quickly rose to popularity since it it began on Channel 5 in 2018, propelling the Owen family into the limelight. Hill shepherds Amanda and Clive and their nine children – Annas, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles, and Sidney – have garnered much attention living on Ravenseat Farm, one of the most remote in Britain, but their neighbours have come to realise that it’s not so remote anymore.

That’s one of the sad things. It seems like people like to live their lives vicariously

Patricia Tyler

In a new interview, Patricia and Ronald Tyler, who have lived next door to Ravenseat Farm – home 1,000 sheep, 40 cows, six dogs and four ponies – for two decades, opened up about the impact the show has on the usually quiet countryside surrounding their home.

Following their retirement, the 66 and 74-year-olds vacated the hustle and bustle of London and settled in a quaint part of Yorkshire.

But as fans flock to the Dales to try and catch a glimpse of the family working next door, Patricia described the visits as a “pilgrimage”.

“She (Amanda) has got a huge fan base,” she explained.

“We get people who come down and if she is closed they will travel miles to get home and then come back the next day.

“I think people just want to see her,” she giggled.

Although Patricia confessed she can’t understand why people are so interested in the family’s lives because to them they’re just regular neighbours, she added: “That’s one of the sad things.

“It seems like people like to live their lives vicariously.”

But speaking of their relationship with the couple, Patricia was quick to sing their praises.

“They are fantastic neighbours,” she beamed, describing how they were welcomed into the community with open arms.

“They are there if we need them not intrusive.

“The gamekeeper lives near as well and they are all very good neighbours – happy and content.”

She added: “There’s a different arrangement to what there is in the suburbs where you live close to each other but you don’t know anyone.

“You can be more lonely in the city than a place that most people think of as isolated.”

Living a stones throw away from the Owens, the Tylers admitted they don’t actually watch the show itself.

Patricia continued to tell Yorkshire Live: “We don’t watch it. It’s too real for us.

“We already know everything that happens.”

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