OMG There Are A Ton Of People Thirsting Over Mr. Mucus, The MUCINEX Monster!

In a twist no one saw coming, Mr. Mucus has been dubbed a sex symbol…

You’ve surely seen the grumpy little green guy featured in animated Mucinex commercials for the better part of the last two decades, but we’re willing to bet the only sensation you felt was relief… Sinus relief, that is. However, that’s all changed now since the UK-based company, Reckitt, which produces the cold and flu medicine, rebranded and upgraded the sentient booger to live action!

On Mr. Mucus’ unverified Instagram page, hot ‘n’ bothered onlookers couldn’t refrain from thirsting over the shiny, green, life-sized snot’s uploads. In a New Year’s post, which showed off his “Flu Year’s Resolutions,” fans commented things like: 

“i want you.”

“I can help you stretch Mr Mucus;)”

“Is there a Mrs Mucus?”

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Then, in a follow up post of the goopy green guy chilling fireside, one follower wrote: 

“That fire isn’t as hot as the thought of having you with me Mr Mucus”

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In another post of Mr. Mucus making snow angels, a user commented:

“I wish I could also swim in white stuff with you Mr Mucus… Yours, that is”

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OMG! And apparently the folks running the social media account have taken notice! In a new post for the brand, they put the snot monster on a magazine cover, labeling him “Hottest pick of the year” and “He’s got big booger energy.” Users, naturally, commented inappropriateness like: 

“I want you to kiss me passionately”

“i’ll let you enter my body Mr Mucus”


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Whether it’s just a bit of lighthearted trolling or some of these people’s realities, we’re sure Reckitt wasn’t expecting this sort of response! Man, you take away folks’ sexy M&Ms and they just find any port in a storm, huh?

The question is, do you find Mr. Mucus sexy, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

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