NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins Votes From Space

Kate Rubins just cast the mother of all mail-in ballots — she’s not even on Earth and she still cast her vote!!! What’s your excuse?

The NASA astronaut voted Thursday from her post aboard the International Space Station, which is about 250 miles or so above our planet … so you could call this the definition of going above and beyond.

Like most Houston area based astronauts, Kate votes in Texas … and there’s a super cool process for getting her absentee ballot from lower Earth orbit all the way down to the Lone Star State.

As you can see, there’s a secure voting booth on the ISS … and Kate voted using a secure electronic ballot generated by the Harris County Clerk’s office and uplinked by Mission Control. Kate’s completed ballot is then downlinked and delivered back to the County Clerk’s Office by e-mail to be officially recorded.

Astronauts have been legally allowed to vote from space since 1997, and Kate also cast her ballot from the ISS in the 2016 election. She says if she can vote from space, folks should be getting done on the ground.

See? No excuses.

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