Milo Manheim Is Completely In Love With Naomi Scott After Seeing ‘Aladdin’

Milo Manheim is 100% crushing on Naomi Scott.

Over the weekend, the 18-year-old actor headed to theaters with his Zombies 2 cast to check out the newest live-action film from Disney, Aladdin, and over the course of two hours, completely fell in love with Naomi and proceeded to let all his fans know it on Instagram.

The cast even took a group pic in front of the advert in the theater, and Milo had to get as close as he could to Princess Jasmine.

“Everyone taking a pic, but I gotta stay with my boo,” Milo captioned on his Instagram Stories.

He added later, “Absolutely accepting fan edit of me and my wife @naomigscott.”


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