Michelle Obama Talks Voting, Quarantine, and Famous Chris’ on Phoebe Robinson’s ‘Black Frasier’

The only thing I care about this morning: The vibes I felt through the little speakers in my AirPods when I listened to the latest episode of Phoebe Robinson’s podcast, Black Frasier. The 2 Dope Queens star had her coolest guest yet: The one and only former First Lady Michelle Obama! You can freak out accordingly now.

Over a blissful hour or so, the two talked the importance of voting, Obama’s favorite memory of the late civil rights leader John Lewis, what hobbies they’ve taken on during these times, and frankly, the most essential tidbit: the famous Chris that Michelle would like to quarantine at home with. (Hint: he has a brother named Liam.)

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In a more classy version of “F*ck, Marry, Kill” titled “Quarantine, Vacation, Zoom,” Robinson asked out of three famous Chris’, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Chris Rock, who would go where.

Without a beat, Obama said Chris Hemsworth for quarantining (ditto!), Chris Evans for vacationing, and Chris Rock for Zooming. Of course, not wanting to cause any uproar, Obama made sure to say, “No shade, no shade” on her choices.

Michelle also opened up about what keeps her moving forward during this time in our country. “In these times when we’ve got people threatening the voting process, you know, trying to scare us away from voting. It means that we are going to have to be more mindful and clear and thoughtful about just how we’re going to make sure our votes are cast and counted,” she explains. “And so for me, that’s the kind of forward motion that keeps me focused and it keeps me out of the depths of the despair that we can be in because taking action in a proactive way helps.”

I could say a lot more about what else went down in the latest episode, but I’ll let you hear it for yourself. You can listen to more of Robinson and Obama’s conversation below.

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