Louis Theroux reveals celebrity crush as he interviews himself

Louis Theroux has just interviewed his most intriguing subject yet – himself. 

The British filmmaker typically chooses the most controversial figures for his documentaries – from Scientologists to the Tiger King – but this time, Louis sat down with himself to find out how his own mind ticks. 

In promotion of his latest book Gotta Get Theroux This, Louis asked Louis a range of questions from his favourite colour – green – to his deepest, darkest secrets. 

Such as his ‘unlikely’ celebrity crush, who you might be interested to discover is French actress Monica Bellucci. Of course, Louis is a happily married man so don’t go coupling them up any time soon. 

During a quick fire round of questions, the 50-year-old shared that his favourite is The Beatles but he’s loving Arctic Monkeys at the moment. His number one film is Sunset Boulevard but most surprisingly, he didn’t choose his own book as his favourite read but, instead, Loving the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

When asked to reveal something he’s never told the public, Louis replied: ‘I think people think I’m a bit of a geek. I can see where that comes from, I wear glasses and a bit socially awkward, but as a younger person – this might surprise you – I was quite athletic. 


‘When I was at school, I was victor of the games because I was the fastest in the 100 and 200 metres, the long jump and the high jump. So in theory, in athletics, I was the best in the school at that time which you might not think was the case. 

Although he quipped: ‘It was a very small school, I have to say, the competition was not stiff.’ 

Elsewhere during the getting to know himself session, Louis revealed that his guilty pleasure is chocolate and tequila, but refused to disclose how often he has sex. 

One aspect of his appearance Louis would love to change is to have cheekbones and his eyes to be slightly further apart but, he’s a little relieved the latter isn’t possible via cosmetic surgery. 

Fans were completely tripped out watching Louis chat to himself, with one joking: ‘Spent the entire time trying to work out which was your best “nose” side.’ 

Asking a pretty important question, another follower wanted to know: ‘Can you tell if you’re lying to yourself tho? [sic]’ 

‘How did you still manage that amazing social awkwardness with yourself?’ one impressed fan wondered. 

How can he possibly top his next guest? 

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