Kylie Jenner: I Wanna Have SEVEN Children!!

Back in January, Kylie Jenner expressed a desire to have four children. Now, she is stepping up her game.

She now wants seven children in total, and she has even worked out a loose timeline for that.

There’s a running “joke” on social media that if there’s a baby boom after the coronavirus pandemic, it iwll be first-time parents only.

The “joke” is based upon the fact that all parents are cooped up with their kids for weeks and will go weeks more.

But even under the strict lockdown in California and many other states, Kylie Jenner seems to be a huge exception.

Kylie doesn’t just want more kids after Stormi — it sounds like her baby fever is stronger than ever.

Kylie sat down for an Instagram Live session with her bestie, Stassie Karanikolaou.

The chat was mart of the #doyourpartchallenge by DoorDash, a food delivery company that is seeing business go up during the pandemic.

Kylie and Stassie ended up chatting about kids.

The billionaire makeup mogul is, of course, already the mother to two-year-old Stormi Webster.

“I don’t want another baby right now,” Kylie makes clear to begin with.

She is clearly working to head off rumors that she is actively trying to give Stormi a younger sibling at the moment.

Kylie confesses to Stassie that she does “want seven kids down the line.”

“But,” she reiterates, “not right now.”

“Pregnancy is just not a joke,” Kylie explains.

She emphasizes “it’s a serious thing and it’s hard.”

“I’m not ready for that just yet,” she reasons.

Pregnancy is a pain, and carries serious health risks. We don’t blame Kylie for putting it off.

Back in January, during a Q&A with Kim, Kylie also spoke about her desire for more children.

“I see myself for sure having four kids,” Kylie revealed at the time.

Four is a fairly large number of children — the number that Kim has with Kanye.

Of course, four is still considerably fewer than the seven that Kylie is now floating.

“I don’t have a timeline to this,” Kylie admitted during the January Q&A.

“I don’t know if I’m going to have four kids tomorrow,” she threatened.

Kylie continued at the time: “Or if I’m going to have four kids in seven years.”

That timeline may or not be intact, but her numbers have clearly gone up since those statements were made.

Seven is a lot of children to have, to raise, and to love.

Even Kris only has six children. Caitlyn, too, only has six.

Maybe the fact that Kylie has a total of nine siblings between her two parents has made her feel like seven is a manageable number.

Each subsequent child is more work than the last. Perhaps after Baby #3, Kylie will give this goal serious reconsideration.

Then again, maybe not.

Kylie is a billionaire, making her wildly richer than even her wealthiest family members.

Even more so than her sisters, Kylie can afford a small, standing army of nannies and childcare experts.

Someone of Kylie’s means could probably pay caretakers to shelter in place at her residence to take care of Stormi throughout this pandemic.

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