Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash for Wearing Givenchy Noose Necklace: She Has No Shame

The 25-year-old ‘The Kardashians’ star lands in hot water after she is photographed wearing the controversial jewelry from the luxury brand at Paris Fashion Week.

AceShowbizKylie Jenner has created another uproar with her choice of style while in Paris. The Kylie Cosmetics founder was dragged online after she was seen wearing Givenchy’s controversial noose-inspired necklace at Paris Fashion Week.

For her outing on Monday, January 23, “The Kardashians” star paired the problematic piece of jewelry with an electric blue dress that hugged her body perfectly. She completed the look with glittering pink boots, which were also from the fashion house.

The criticism against Kylie arrived almost immediately as people felt that Givenchy glorified slavery with the design. “Kylie Jenner wearing a noose necklace is disgusting ,this woman has no shame at all ,is she picking her outfits on purpose knowing very well they will create controversy?” a Twitter user wrote.

“@givenchy & & @KylieJenner yall support slavery? Because why would Givenchy create noose necklace understanding the atrocities of slavery globally. And, why would you, Kylie, wear a damn noose necklace and you have a HALF BLACK DAUGHTER & SON?! True racists,” someone else fumed. “This woman has black children. This is so disgusting. It’s not ok to just say ‘she probably doesn’t know’ – she needs to know,” another critic added.

“Even if you took out the racial history of a noose, there’s the suicidal side of it. It’s wrong in so many ways,” one Reddit user commented on the mom of two’s style. “Wearing this two years after [it was shown on the runway], when her stylist knows how people felt about it…is a CHOICE. A really gross one,” someone else opined.

Another person noted, “I had a close family member commit suicide by hanging themselves. So its a bit triggering on a personal level… I dont view this as fashionable at all.” Some people also urged Kylie and her family to “educate themselves on black history.” Meanwhile, several people accused the reality TV star of “intentionally wearing things that will make headlines.”

Givenchy itself faced major backlash back in October 2021 when it debuted the open-collar necklace in its Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Prior to that, Burberry similarly drew backlash for showing a hoodie with a noose at the neck. While Givenchy appeared to stand behind the controversial design, Burberry issued an apology for the look, calling it “insensitive” and removing it from the collection.

Prior to sparking controversy with the noose necklace, Kylie made headlines for wearing a black velvet gown featuring a giant, lifelike and fake lion’s face at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show on Monday. While some fans criticized her for promoting hunting, PETA defended her look.

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