Kristen Bell’s daughters, 5 and 6, look at her ‘with disgust,’ isn’t that a little early?

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As I always say, the more I hear from celebrities whose kids think they’re lame, the better I feel about being an embarrassment to my 15-year-old. However when it’s Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard saying that they embarrass their kids it makes total sense. Kristen was on a press tour for her new Apple + series, Central Park, when she told an anecdote about her kids thinking she’s uncool. She and Dax tell a lot of stories about their while being famously protective of their identities, which is understandable. Sometimes I don’t understand how they want it both ways though. Kristen said her five and six-year-old daughters look at her with disgust when she tries to pick out their outfits.

“They don’t think I’m cool, and I can tell because every time I try to pick out an outfit for them, they just look at me with disgust,” [Kristen Bell], 39, told Us Weekly and other reporters of Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 5, on Sunday, January 19, while promoting Apple TV+’s Central Park at the Television Critics’ Association’s Winter Press Tour. “They don’t ever want to know the secrets of Frozen, which horrifies me. It’s in your DNA to reject your parents, though, so it’s OK.”

The Good Place star went on to tell Us that her girls are interested in rollerskating and “pretty much haven’t taken” their skates off since receiving them a couple of months ago. “The only time they take them off is at night,” the Golden Globe nominee told Us. “They roller skate to the dinner table to eat. They roller skate outside, down the steps. I s–t you not, they skate all day.”

Instead, Bell’s kids love the Jonas Brothers. She told E! News in November: “My husband … makes good pancakes or [when he] lifts something heavy, he’ll always look at them and go, ‘Ooh the Jonas Brothers wish they could be me.’ We’re always trying to tell our kids, ‘Look, we’re very cool. You don’t think that right now, but let me just tell you something — we’re really cool,’ and they’re like, ‘No.’”

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It seems like ages five and six is a little early to start think your parents are lame, but with these two I get it. Plus maybe their daughters are precocious like that. I thought that story about Dax saying how cool he is was funny. Doesn’t he know that never works with kids? You have to use reverse psychology on them, but even then they’ll figure it out quickly. If you’re trying to act goofy and self deprecating your kids are just going to roll their eyes and take it as confirmation of their low opinion of you.

I have a question – is it worth it to subscribe to Apple +? I think I can get it on my Samsung TV, I just am not sure I want it. I’d really like to see The Morning Show and that M. Night Shyamalan doll series, Servant.

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Also, Kristen got the “See Her” award at the Critics’ Choice Awards, which was bizarre. The intro focused on diversity and then Kristen won.

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