Kourtney Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski share bizarre underwear advice

Kourtney Kardashian sat down for a chat with Emily Ratajkowski for her new lifestyle site Poosh and it was a revelation.

The two social media mavens gushed over Emily's latest drop from her brand Inamorata, which features swimsuits, lingerie and bodywear.

Discussing how lingerie made them feel confident Kourtney went on to reveal how her mum – the Kris Jenner – always advised her to wear matching sets "in case of a car accident".

Laughing at the bizarre life lesson, Emily said that her own mum told her from the age of 12 to wear nice underwear to make herself feel special.

Kourtney said: "My mom said you have to wear matching underwear sets, that was her thing.

"She was like ‘you never know who you’re going to see, you never know if you get into a car accident and you have to take your clothes off. She would always tell us these stories."

Emily added: "I remember when we were getting dressed, I was about 12 and we were going to dinner, and [my mom] said ‘Put on cute underwear’ and I was like ‘why? I don’t understand’.

"She was like ‘It’s just for you it just makes it feel like a special occasion’. I think about that all the time that you should do it for yourself."

Emily's Inamorata brand became an instant success when she launched it back in 2017, modelling the swimwear herself in stunning Instagram snaps.

The married model also told Kourtney how she laughs in the face of her critics who make fun of her using her body to promote her business.

"The initial reaction when you post a sexy photo is, 'Oh my god, naked again, you're so stupid, you have nothing else to offer!'

"And I'm like actually I'm running a business off of this," she added.

"[Social media] is part of branding and it's funny because you think of the idea of white older men in suits being like, 'Oh no we don't take her seriously', and we're making more money than them.

"I love that. I think for that to still be a thing is completely wild to me."

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