Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Will Release Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Recording

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron says he will release a recording of the Breonna Taylor grand jury proceedings — responding to pressure from Breonna’s family and one pissed off grand juror.

Cameron made the announcement just hours after an anonymous grand juror filed a motion demanding a judge allow the grand jurors to go public. The proceedings are normally kept secret, but the juror made the highly unusual request because they felt Cameron hung them out dry when he announced the indictment of ex-cop Brett Hankison.

The grand juror ripped into Cameron and asked to share deets so that “the truth may prevail.” Cameron said he’ll release the recording Wednesday, but said sharing more information would be inappropriate with a criminal case and separate federal probe ongoing. He added a grand jury is meant to be a secretive body but relented it’s “apparent that the public interest in this case isn’t going to allow that to happen.”

Cameron said, “We have no concerns with grand jurors sharing their thoughts on our presentation because we are confident in the case we presented. Once the public listens to the recording, they will see that over the course of two-and-a-half days, our team presented a thorough and complete case to the Grand Jury.”

One of the key issues … did the grand jury hear from the 12 neighbors who said they did NOT hear police identify themselves before breaking down Breonna’s door?

The recording of the proceedings should answer that question … which is critical because if the cops didn’t announce themselves, then Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, would be justified in firing at people he presumed to be intruders.

Cameron maintained officers Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove fired in self-defense and were, therefore, justified in their use of force.

As you know … Hankison and the 2 other cops involved were not charged with shooting and killing Breonna. Hankison was indicted for firing his weapon into Breonna’s neighbor’s apartment.

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