Justin Bieber Goes Into Model Mode For Balenciagas Latest Campaign!

Justin Bieber looks so sharp in the latest campaign for Balenciaga!

The 27-year-old musician is just one of the many stars, including Isabelle Huppert, and runway models Awar Adhiero Odhiang, Anania Orgeas, Isabelle Weldon Herouard, Minttu Vesala, Litay Marcus, and more, in the fashion campaign for the international brand.

Shot in a Los Angeles parking lot by Katy Grannan, each model wears a Balenciaga wardrobe consisting of ready to wear and accessory styles that carry over for multiple seasons.

Justin is carrying a Neo Classic Bag called Le Cagole, which is named for a French colloquialism meaning over the top; and the newly introduced DIY Runner Sneakers, which are made to appear at once worn in and pieced together from various shoe patterns while holding a sturdy and functional structure.

Earlier this week, Justin was seen out with wife, Hailey, grabbing some lunch in Sushi Park.

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