Julia Bradbury shares little wins in her breast cancer fight Never thought Id be glad

Julia Bradbury sends 'positivity' to Twitter fans

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Julia Bradbury, 51, has been very open about her breast cancer battle, in the hope that she can help other people out there also suffering. The Countryfile presenter underwent a mastectomy after being diagnosed back in September.

Little wins. It’s all about the little wins

Julia Bradbury

Despite her “overwhelming” anxiety before the operation she deemed “brutal”, the TV star appears to be making good progress in her surgery recovery.

Ever the motivator, she took to Twitter on Tuesday night to remind others that they are not alone.

“To all the ladies on the cusp of a #mastectomy this was me a few weeks ago,” she wrote.

“It gets easier & I don’t even think about the wall crawl anymore.

“I know what you’re going thro’ is unbelievable & unthinkable.”[sic]

She added: “Take all the help & support you’re offered #breastcancer.”

Her heartfelt words appeared alongside a video of Julia creeping her hand up a wall.

She could be heard saying: “I never thought I’d be so glad to get my hand straight up a wall.

“This is one of the exercises you do after a mastectomy to try and get things back to normal.”

It was clear to viewers the movement was uncomfortable for Julia as she winced in pain, taking deep breaths as she continued to push her hand towards the ceiling.

She counted down from five while holding her position at the top, before recoiling her arm back down.

She smiled as she added: “Softy softly catchy monkey.

“Little wins. It’s all about the little wins.”

In a separate tweet, she encouraged others to share more resources or helpful tips for fellow breast cancer patients.

Fans rushed to the comments section to applaud her for being an inspiration when it came to cancer.

One wrote: “You don’t know me, I don’t know you, other than off the telly, but sending best wishes for a full recovery and a long life!”

Another added: “I cannot begin to understand what you’ve been through and are still going through but sharing this with us has given me some sort of inkling. For that and your inspiration I thank you.”

A third praised: “It must be hard to share such personal issues but I am sure you are an inspiration to all those dealing with cancer. Love to you and your family.”

“What a wonderful positive message. You have come such a long way and are an inspiration to others on the same journey,” a fourth cheered.

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