Jordan Calloway’s ‘Painkiller’ Spinoff Not Moving Forward, ‘Tom Swift’ Still Up In Air

The CW may have just announced some good news, but they also just revealed some sad news.

Jordan Calloway‘s Black Lightning spinoff series Painkiller is not being picked up for series, Deadline reports.

The potential series would of course have followed Khalil/Painkiller and even aired a backdoor pilot during Black Lightning‘s final season.

In the backdoor pilot, “Khalil is riddled with the guilt of his troubled past from his former life in Freeland City, where as super-enhanced killing machine Painkiller he was a member of Tobias Whale’s gang and a weapon of Agent Odell and the shadowy ASA. After attempting to bury Painkiller, Khalil moves to Akashic valley to find peace as his history clashes with a new beginning and he is forced back into action to bring justice.”

Another spinoff that is in the works, Tom Swift, is still in contention, meaning it could still get picked up. Tian Richards stars as the title character in the Nancy Drew spinoff.

A backdoor pilot for that series also just recently aired. Stay tuned for updates!

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