Jesy Nelson’s remarkable transformation since her Little Mix TV debut in 2011

Little Mix star Jesy Nelson has undergone an incredible body transformation over the last eight years since hitting our screens on X Factor in 2011.

The young star has repeatedly come under fire for her changing weight, with the constant trolling have a profound effect on her mental health.

Jesy, now 28, has lost more than two stone since her debut on the ITV talent show, going from a curvaceous size 12-14 to a slender size 6.

It is claimed that a healthy diet and a vigorous exercise regime has seen Jesy successful shed the pounds, with her workouts often exceeding two hours a session.

When Jesy started out her career with Little Mix, her weight was the one thing that constantly made headlines.

Speaking at the time, she said: “When you’ve got your own insecurities and then people… write them on websites for everyone to see, it just makes you feel really rubbish.

“Obviously, I know I’m a lot bigger [than the other girls]. The comments really got to me. I knew I’d get nasty stuff said about my weight from the start.

“But it’s not until you actually see it that it hits you. I thought I’d be alright and then I saw it and just burst out crying.”

Jesy has previously revealed that she also turned to exercise to get over a broken heart following her split from fiance Jake Roche.

Earlier this year, Jesy fronted a new TV series that explored body image, allowing her to readdress how she felt about her own weight.

The pop star admitted wanting to “erase” all memory of her younger self because she saw that person as “the fat one from Little Mix”.

She added that “endless trolling” had made her hate herself, and said that the comments had affected her mental health during her early 20s.

In a post on Instagram , she told her 5.4million fans: “6 months ago this girl was someone I just wanted to forget. I wanted to erase her from my mind and everyone else’s memory.

“I didn’t see her as Jesy I saw her as “the fat one from Little Mix”. Up until now I hated her not because she’d ever done anything bad but because I was made to hate her by endless amounts of trolling.

“Since filming my documentary for @bbcone and @bbcthree I’ve learned so much more than I ever expected to.

“Thanks to all the inspirational people I’ve met on this emotional journey, I now love the girl in this photo.

“I’ve made this documentary for 2011 Jesy and for anyone who might be feeling like she did. I refused to speak about how I was feeling for so long.

“I was embarrassed and scared to. But I was so wrong to feel that way. Please if you are feeling how I did, SPEAK ABOUT IT.

“Talk to your family, speak to your friends, there’s always help out there.

“If you’d have told that girl one day you won’t feel sad anymore, I’d never have believed you….and here I am.

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