Jenny Ryan sets record straight on The Chase hopeful’s backstage claim ‘Have to be tested’

The Chase: Contestant takes low offer to face Jenny Ryan

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The Chase contestant Marco Spiro, who competed on the show in 2017, said participants are told to bring three unbranded outfits to the show. He added the final outfit seen on the show is selected by the show’s personal dresser.

An intrigued viewer shared My London’s article which had the headline ‘The Chase contestant reveals producers told him what to wear’.

They went on to ask the chasers if the claim was true.

Setting the record straight, Jenny Ryan, also known as The Vixen, confirmed this was the show’s policy.

The Twitter user wrote: “This gotta be a lot of BS!! Seriously?.”

In view of her 94,000 followers, she commented: “Do you mean about the clothing? It’s true.

“Everyone who appears on any quiz/game show is asked to bring a choice of outfits. Absolutely standard practice.

“The outfits have to be tested on camera to make sure they don’t strobe or clash/match with the set or the other contestants.”

Another previous contestant named Clohe previously told Liverpool Echo: “They ask you to take various different outfits with you.

“ I think you can’t wear black from memory, then they go through all your outfit choices, they do your hair and makeup.

“You’re all in separate dressing rooms so you can’t talk to one another beforehand.”

Elsewhere, Jenny’s co-star Anne Hegerty recently discussed another rule the chasers have to abide by.

Speaking to, the Governess explained that chasers are not allowed to be friends with contestants on The Chase, or the question setters who work on it.

But, after a series came to an end, she realised she was Facebook friends with one of the team behind the challenging quiz.

Anne stressed she had usually been particularly careful with who she connects with on social media and doesn’t accept anyone she doesn’t know.

After realising the error, she said she told producers straight away.

She added: “There’s always the danger that they might be someone who’s going to go on the show and then I would have to say, ‘Sorry I know this person, they sent me a friend request’.

“If you’re going to be on the show, don’t friend me, don’t talk to me because we have to declare if we know someone.”

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