Jennifer Aniston Reveals Shes Ready To Date Again & Shares What Shes Looking For In A Man

Three years after ending her marriage with Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston says ‘it’s time’ to date again – and she shared what qualities she wants in her next future husband.

Bruce Bozzi got straight to the point when Jennifer Aniston appeared on Tuesday’s (Sept. 28) episode of his podcast, SiriusXM’s Lunch with Bruce. “Are you dating anybody?” Bruce asked The Morning Show star, to which Jennifer replied, “No, not at the time.” However, Jen did say she felt like she was “getting there,” which ultimately led the host to ask what she was looking for in a prospective paramour. Jennifer, 52, said that the spark of the first kiss was “pretty important” and added that she wants to feel comfortable around someone. “The ease at which the conversation flows the first time. That’s kind of a good indicator, confidence, but not a cockiness. Humor, please I beg of you, beg of you. Generous, um, kind to people, you know, it’s just very few necessities.”

She also added that physical fitness “is important and not just about like how you look, let’s, let’s I want to be around here for a long time and not be in a wheelchair when I am 80.” When asked why Jen — who separated from Justin Theroux, her second husband, in 2018 – hasn’t plunged headfirst into the dating pool, she chalked up her singledom due to the problems of finding love in the time of coronavirus. “Although people seem to have met and found love during COVID,” she said. “I don’t know how it works. I’m curious to walk up to those people and go. ‘So what, how did, what happened?’”

“I mean, I have my wonderful, there’s been no, no one of importance has hit my radar yet,” she added. “But I think it’s, I think it’s time. I think I’m ready to share myself with another, so I didn’t want to for a long time and, and I loved really, being my own woman. Without, um, being with, being a part of a couple where I’ve been a part of a couple since I was 20. So there was something really nice about taking the time.” She then turned to Bruce and asked, “Why, do you have someone you want to set me up with?”

Jennifer has been famously linked to many A-Listers during her time in the spotlight: Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, and John Mayer, to name a few. She has remained in good standing with most of her exes, but it seems she’s ready to find love again. One thing Jen didn’t mention during her podcast appearance is where she will find her next man. While chatting with PEOPLE in mid-September, the Friends star hinted she might want to find love outside Hollywood. “That’s what I’m sort of hoping for is not necessarily somebody in the industry itself,” she said about dating a non-famous partner next, adding, “That’d be nice.”

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