Irina Shayk’s ‘Number One Priority’ Is Her Daughter Following Split From Bradley Cooper

Irina Shayk is keeping her priorities straight following her recent, painful split from Bradley Cooper.

As we reported, the former couple parted ways after four years together. The news was hardly shocking, as rumors of unhappiness between them had been swirling for quite some time.

But while they failed to keep the love alive in their own relationship, sources say the coparents are still working hard to keep things amicable — solely for the sake of their two-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine.

A source close to the supermodel tells People that Irina has been super focused on her relationship with her daughter, now more than ever. They said:

“Irina’s number one priority is their daughter. She is such a hands-on mom. She takes her to the park, to classes, to playdates, and just adores her.”

We’re so happy to hear that little Lea remains surrounded by love while her parents figure out their new normal.

High-profile breakups are rarely ever a smooth experience, and can be especially challenging when kids are involved. We mean seriously, just take a hard look at how messy things got between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who share six kids together, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Sure, Lea De Seine is barely a toddler and may not be fully aware of what’s actually happening, but that’s the point. She shouldn’t have to be. And we can probably assume the increased mother-daughter time is just an added bonus for devoted momma Shayk.

Another insider revealed that this isn’t one-sided though, as the 44-year-old Hangover star remains active and present in his daughter’s life, too. They added:

“For Lea’s sake, they keep spending time together as a family. Bradley is a great dad. He has always been very involved with his daughter.”

A third insider agrees that the A Star Is Born actor and director and his ex are on the “same page” when it comes to parenting Lea.

“It’s clear that Bradley and Irina have the same goals for their daughter. They want her to live a normal life, be surrounded by friends and thrive through play. They are both wonderful parents.”

Props to them for keeping it relatively cool for now! That is, until the real tea behind why they broke up comes out.

We know, we know. Things reportedly just weren’t working out between Cooper’s schedule, the lack of time spent together, and the spark between them had just fizzled out.

But we (and plenty of GaGa-Bradley shippers out there) still think there’s potentially more to the story. It’s kind of hard to forget or look past the costars’ palpable on-screen and real life chemistry, if we’re being honest here…

But back to the original point: family comes first!

What do YOU guys think? Got anything to get off your chest about Irina and Bradley?

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