Hugh Grant Hailed as Jesus for Saving Lives With His GBP10,000 Donation

The ‘Notting Hill’ star has made another donation to the charityDepher, which goal is to help elderly people struggling withthe rise of the cost of living in the U.K.

AceShowbizHugh Grant has donated another £10,000 to elderly people struggling with the rise of the cost of living in the U.K. The “Bridget Jones” actor has made a third donation to the charity Depher, which provides vulnerable senior citizens with free plumbing and heating amid a surge in energy prices.

Founder James Anderson says the 61-year-old star should be renamed Jesus after he made the generous donation via the Depher GoFundMe page. He said, “If I could rename Jesus, I would call him Hugh. We’ve now (got) a free boiler for a 94-year-old lady because of Hugh.”

“There’s another lady who has a brain tumour, (she) and her husband haven’t had heating or hot water for 17 months and now they will get a new boiler … because of Hugh,” James shared. “It’s not that it helps towards or makes life a little bit easier – it actually saves lives.”

Hugh is said to have reached out to James on Twitter to commend his charity work. James went on, “He respects me and he’s got a lot of compassion for what we do.” He added, “In my opinion, that man will always be my brother. I might never see him, I might never meet him, but he’ll always be my brother.”

Depher was founded by James in 2017. Hugh donated the same amount last year. James said at the time, “That’s 10 boilers for people with cancer. Ten boilers for people who are dying.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a lack of funding, Burnley-based James came close to having to close down the charity. So far, they’ve raised £51,819 of their £100,000 goal. Donations can be made via the site.

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