Harrison Ford reunites with ‘sexy’ co-star Dame Helen Mirren

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Harrison Ford, 80, gushed over his co-star Dame Helen Mirren, 77, applauding not just her acting skills but her “sexiness” too. The actor is set to star in Yellowstone prequel 1923, with the Dame playing his on-screen wife.

The Star Wars actor, who was dubbed the Sexiest Man Alive in 1998 by People, showered his co-star with compliments on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

While speaking about the new series, and its odd placement in the Yellowstone franchise, Harrison revealed his “big draw” to the role had nothing to do with the series at all.

The actor explained that he had been a fan of Yellowstone and its prequel series 1883, and received a “suggestion” that the co-creator of the show, Taylor Sheridan, was interested in working with him.

Harrison shared: “There was no script, but he had already talked to Helen. Helen Mirren.”

This piqued the actor’s interest greatly, and once a “great script” was made, he agreed to join the show.

Host Stephen Colbert went on to question the actor as he had heard that Taylor had used “underhanded means to get you to say yes”.

Harrison chuckled saying, “No he poured over hand,” while miming pouring drink into a glass.

The pair went on talking about the show before Stephen pulled out a surprise photograph of Harrison and Dame Helen from “back in the day”.

The actor leaned towards the photo, which featured Helen leaning on his chest, and commented: “She’s still sexy!”

Harrison originally met the actress on the set of 1986’s Mosquito Coast, in the midst of his Indiana Jones and Star Wars fame.

Dame Helen and Harrison starred in the film as a married couple while the late River Phoenix acted as their son.

Harrison’s comments received unbridled applause and whistles, but Stephen seemingly touched a nerve as he attempted to get more from the actor.

The host questioned: “Did you ever make out with Helen Mirren?” and received an unblinking, stony glare as a response.

Slightly pivoting the conversation, Harrison shared: “It’s been remarkable to watch her.

“There’s a lot of physical action and she just jumps right in and does stuff you don’t imagine Helen Mirren would do. Dame Helen Mirren.”

Swiping the photograph from Stephen, Harrison casually commented: “Money for nothing, chicks for free.”

Dame Helen has also recently opened up about her reunion with Harrison at the 1923 premiere late last year.

She told Variety that she was “very intimidated” by Harrison on Mosquito Coast, saying: “He was a huge movie star and I was like nobody.

“I learned a lot from him because I hadn’t done a lot. He taught me a great deal about film acting that, to this day, I’m still using.”

1923 is available to stream on Paramount Plus. 

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