Happy Monday, Amelia Hamlin Trolled Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin with a Skinny Dipping Pic

Amelia Hamlin is out here trolling her mom, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, who simply will not stop saying ~pointed things~ about Scott Disick on television. Like…she most recently compared him to Harry Styles and not in a flattering way, that’s all I’m saying.

An-y-way, Amelia hopped on Instagram Stories to post what appears to be a nude photo of her mom and dad skinny dipping in the hot tub, writing “I just found my parents skinny dipping in the hot tub and IDK if I’m traumatized or like if it’s cute.”

Amelia’s post comes off her mom casually informing the world that she couldn’t see Amelia and Scott getting married in the future. Direct quote: “I can’t say the same for Amelia at this point. No. Like, why can’t it be Harry Styles? Why the fuck is it Scott Disick?”

Oh, and back in May, Lisa recalled how she found out that Amelia and Scott were dating, saying that Amelia initially told her she and Scott were “just friends” but “then, I guess a couple days ago, Amelia sends me a video of Amelia and Scott on the beach.” Lisa added, “It’s a what the fuck moment. You’re like, ‘What the fuck?’ She’s 19. He’s 37 with three kids.”

Lisa also noted that she was thinking about texting Kris Jenner, saying “We’re thinking it’s a phase, right? It’s a phase, I don’t want to bring attention to it. Should I text Kris and be like, ‘Welp.’ I’ve done nothing in other words because I also don’t want to bring any attention to it.”

TBH, if my mom talked this much about my relationship on television I’d prob troll her with a skinny dipping photo too.

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