'Drag Race' Stars Trixie, Katya and Alyssa Reveal Who They'd Like to 'De-Drag' (Exclusive Video)

Trixie also sounds off on Taylor Swift’s acoustic Stonewall Inn performance.

Trixie Mattel, Katya Zamolodchikova and Alyssa Edwards may have beat their faces before hitting the red carpet at the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards, but there are a few people they’d love to see sans makeup.

TooFab caught up with the "RuPaul’s Drag Race" trio on Saturday, where they were first asked which celebrity they’d love to put in drag.

For Kayta, the answer was as easy as flashing her phone case, which was covered with Julia Roberts’ famous mug.

"Have you heard of her? Up and coming star, megawatt smile, box office gold," Katya joked. "She could just use a few more layers, that’s all. Wouldn’t change much though."

"I don’t like to put people in drag," said Trixie, "I’m like, you gotta go to CVS at 19 and figure it out for your own."

Alyssa pointed out that most stars "are already in drag" thanks to their fully baked faces. "Some stars need to be de-dragged," added Katya. "I would de-drag, I wanna see Reese Witherspoon look like a husk of a person. Grey, grungy, dingy."

"It’s hard to say who I want to quit drag, because what if they’re here right now?" joked Trixie.

The three were also asked about Taylor Swift performing at legendary gay rights landmark, the Stonewall Inn, last Friday night, amid her LGBTQIA+-inclusive promo push for her latest single.

"She was singing with her acoustic guitar. You better work bitch," said Trixie, a fellow country performer. "I think I was the last blonde girl to sing with a guitar at Stonewall, so I’m happy for her."

See how Katya and Alyssa reacted in the video above!

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