Did Marvels What If…? Just Confirm a MCU Hero Is Queer?

Marvel’s What If…? episode three spoilers follow.

From Captain Carter and T’Challa’s Star-Lord to this week’s Avengers massacre, Marvel’s What If…? loves to play around with alternate worlds. But among all the icy Lokis and exploding Hulks, the third episode of Marvel’s latest Disney+ show also provides us with new glimpses of characters who have long since passed in the MCU.

Enter Agent Coulson, a fan-favorite who went on to lead Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD following his initial death, because comics. This new episode of Marvel’s What If…? marks the first time that we’ve seen Clark Gregg’s character since that show ended. And with his return also comes the return of an ongoing debate around Coulson’s sexuality.

Back in the first Avengers film, the esteemed SHIELD Agent fangirled over Captain America. A lot. For years, Coulson collected trading cards that featured America’s Ass and then, when they did finally meet, he uttered the now immortal line, “I watched you while you were sleeping. I mean, I was present while you were unconscious from the ice.”

While this extremely relatable obsession mostly played out as a joke back in 2012, it’s easy to see why fans suspected Coulson might not be entirely straight. The latest episode of Marvel’s What If…? now doubles down on this to quite an extreme, but with a brand-new obsession in the form of a certain Asgardian beefcake…

When Coulson first spots Thor, his immediate reaction is to compliment the Thunder God’s “really great hair.” Makes sense. After all, Marvel’s Goldilocks really does have a magnificent mane, and you don’t have to be attracted to men to notice that. “It’s an accurate description,” Coulson then reiterates to Nick Fury before adding, “Sir, he’s gorgeous.” Okay, okay. Maybe Coulson is just really comfortable with openly admiring the male physique? That doesn’t necessarily make him queer, right?

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