Deontay Wilder's Fiancee Calls BS On Tyson Fury's COVID Diagnosis

Deontay Wilder‘s fiancée, Telli Swift, is calling Tyson Fury‘s COVID diagnosis straight up BS … telling TMZ Sports the boxer’s tryna buy time — ’cause he ain’t ready to go toe-to-toe with her man, the Bronze Bomber!

The Fury-Wilder trilogy fight was set for July 24 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas — after Wilder actually went to court to compel Fury to take the 3rd fight.

But, the bout was postponed … due to Fury recently testing positive for COVID-19.

We spoke with Swift at an event for her non-profit, Boxing WAGS Association, in El Segundo … and we asked for her and Deontay’s take on Fury’s illness — and Telli didn’t hold back.”

“You’ve trained so hard, blood, sweat, and tears and then for someone to have COVID and Deontay’s fight with torn biceps, broken fingers, burns on his arms, and he still fought,” Swift says.

“So, I just feel like with COVID and you have sixteen days until the fight, he should still be able to fight and make it happen.”

In fact, Swift thinks the 32-year-old heavyweight champ is tryna use COVID as a way to dodge Wilder … saying it’s just an excuse to give him some time.

“I don’t think that he’s ready. I think he’s buying time, and I just feel like he feels Deontay is at the best looking-wise.”

Of course, Wilder and Fury fought to a draw in 2018 … and Deontay lost the 2nd fight in 2020 via TKO.

Swift added, “Personally, I don’t believe anything that he says. So, I don’t believe anything that he says, and that’s that.”

And, you can forget about Wilder boxing anyone else during the wait, Swift — who got engaged to Wilder in 2018 — tells us he’s only focused on Fury.

“Deontay’s mind … he eats, sleeps, lives Tyson Fury. So, he’s ready for Tyson!”

Fight goes down October 9 — and if you thought the giant heavyweights had beef before …

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