Daymond John Says Britney Spears Could Cash in big with Las Vegas Comeback

Britney Spears could make more money than she ever did before if she decides to get back in front of crowds, but it’s a double-edged sword … so says Daymond John.

The “Shark Tank” star joined us Friday on “TMZ Live” and painted a picture of Britney’s potential earnings if she reverses course on her feelings about performing.

Remember … folks close to Britney have told us she might never take the stage again, no matter what shakes out with her conservatorship.

Daymond says Britney would be turning down a fortune in Las Vegas, or on the road, if she holds firm — but he knows there are potentially serious drawbacks to her being back under the bright lights.

Daymond’s making some good points — there are a lot of things off the stage that come along with a Vegas residency, and they definitely take a toll on mental health … obviously, an important factor for her.

There are questions about Britney’s finances if the conservatorship is dissolved, and how much she needs to be set for life … and Daymond tells us how she could fatten her pockets.

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