Chloe Madeley relives clothing faux pas at Meghan and Harrys wedding

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Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan’s famous daughter Chloe Madeley, 35, has opened up on the “very weird” reactions she received from the public after she abandoned church protocol and strode into the 2018 royal wedding with bare shoulders and a braless cleavage for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ceremony. The fitness expert received enraged messages from people telling her she was “offending the House of the Lord” by being too scantily clad – and she has now taken to Instagram to revisit the occasion.

The press hung me out to dry like I went to church in a thong!

Chloe Madeley

“Remember when I didn’t wear my jacket to this wedding?” she asked her followers, attaching a photo of her walking into the wedding, alongside husband James Haskell, in a low-cut, cleavage and shoulder-baring beige gown.

“The press hung me out to dry like I went to church in a thong,” she exclaimed.

Punctuating the point with a tears of laughter emoji, she added: “That was a very weird 24 hours in my life.”

Chloe had earlier addressed the issue, stating that she was aware when she chose the outfit that it was considered unacceptable by many to show shoulders in a religious setting.

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However, she insisted that she had “lost” her jacket – and assumed that she’d be overshadowed by the publicity generated when Meghan and Harry made their much-awaited appearance.

Unfortunately for Chloe, that wasn’t the case – and she was slammed from all sides on Instagram later.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her self-titled ITV show, she blamed the “overwhelming heat” on the way to St George’s Chapel in Windsor for her blunder.

“‘The invite said day dress and hat, of course we all know traditionally you have to cover your shoulders in church,” she reflected.

“I had a jacket with me [but] it was so hot on the coach to the chapel, I was overheating.”

Her partner, rugby player James Haskell, casually suggested that she took it off and put it back on “before the church” – but when she arrived there, it was nowhere to be seen.

“I thought, ‘OK where’s my jacket?’ [and] James was like, ‘I don’t know’, so I thought, okay, I’m going in shoulders out,” she recalled.

Chloe, who is the daughter of TV duo Judy Finnigan (now retired) and Richard Madeley, had assumed “no-one would care”.

“Everyone cared!” she groaned, adding: “I was getting comments saying ‘You’re offending the House of the Lord’.”

The frustrated star added: “I was like ‘Oh my God! I do not need a religious war but lesson learnt.'”

However, she defiantly told Lorraine at that time that she was unlikely to consider covering up when it came to her own wedding, as she isn’t enamoured with “the long sleeves thing”.

When she and James finally did tie the knot, at a country church in Berkshire, she was true to her word and breached protocol again.

Yet this time, the bride – who said she had “tears streaming down” her face when she walked down the aisle, received admiration from many fans for her sleeveless gown with its semi-sheer lace section.

Weight-training expert Chloe has previously stated that she’s proud to show off her lean physique, and she was unconcerned by the convention-defying outfit.

The star, who welcomed her first baby this year, often goes braless, including for outfits on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, when it came to saying “I do” to James, Chloe was so overwhelmed with emotion that her outfit proved to be the last thing on her mind.

“I immediately felt tears streaming down my face,” she recalled, adding: “I tried so hard to keep it together but I couldn’t get a grip on it so in the end I just let myself cry.”

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